Republish: FreeBSD 6.0 & cvsd

Republishing a post from my old jroller blog.

After searching the net for an several hours i found the solution on a german blog, I decided to publish the english translation.

The Problem:

When running cvsd-buildroot there is a error message in the output:

Creating /var/lib/cvsd/dev devices... FAILED (unable to use devices)

If you ignore the error an try to access the CVS Repository you get the folowing error “open /dev/null failed” - even if the jail has sufficent rights.

I found the solution on a german blog, who found the solution on a korean blog entry.



devfs                   /var/lib/cvsd/dev       devfs   rw      0       0


devfs_rulesets="/etc/defaults/devfs.rules /etc/devfs.rules"


add hide
add path null unhide
add path zero unhide

Mount using:

# mount /var/lib/cvsd/dev

German blog entry