Embracing GoHugo: Why I Chose It for My Blog Site, Skjutare.eu

Introduction As a passionate content creator, the decision to pick the right platform for my blog site, Skjutare.eu, was crucial. After researching various options, I finally landed on GoHugo as the ultimate choice. In this blog post, I will share the key reasons why I selected GoHugo to generate my blog site, highlighting its advantages over other static site generators and content management systems. 1. Speed and Performance One of the primary reasons I chose GoHugo was its incredible speed.
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Postgresql 9.0 released

A new major version of PostgreSQL has arrived which is even closer to the Oracle feature set. Read more about the features here What’s new in PostgreSQL 9.0 Looking forward taking it out for a test spin.

Offsite backup

I have been evaluating a solution for offsite backup to Amazon S3. The software I have been using is JungleDisk, I went for the pre payed version without online web access, which I felt was out of scope for my needs. This since what I have access to my files over the Internet via VPN. So far I have 25GB of data on S3, the majority is photos, the rest are documents and software projects.
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Safer storage for my files

Recently I have had trouble with an raid in my main computer. I haven’t gotten an definitive answer for what the faults are. I say faults since it’s the same problem with two identical disks. Both has a delayed write problem in windows, even through one is failing ten times as much as the other one. This trouble has renewed my interest in better and safer storage solution. As it looks now is that I’m going to end up with a solution based on zfs.
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Mocking can be too powerful

Today I was on a JUG lecture about PowerMock. At first glance it looks as the savior for testing legacy code. But that’s just what it is, it only looks like it will work in a real world case. The only case where it will do good work, is when you want to add test coverage on some legacy code, so that you can do a complicted refactoring to improve the design.
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Republish: FreeBSD 6.0 & cvsd

Republishing a post from my old jroller blog. After searching the net for an several hours i found the solution on a german blog, I decided to publish the english translation. The Problem: When running cvsd-buildroot there is a error message in the output: Creating /var/lib/cvsd/dev devices... FAILED (unable to use devices) If you ignore the error an try to access the CVS Repository you get the folowing error “open /dev/null failed” - even if the jail has sufficent rights.
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