Offsite backup

I have been evaluating a solution for offsite backup to Amazon S3. The software I have been using is JungleDisk, I went for the pre payed version without online web access, which I felt was out of scope for my needs. This since what I have access to my files over the Internet via VPN.

So far I have 25GB of data on S3, the majority is photos, the rest are documents and software projects. I’ve choosen to only include data uniq to me. Since there is absolutly no need to backup the system drive with the operating system and application, these are easier to reinstall, it will also be a better result since the restore is happening because of hardware failure.

Apart from the initial cost of $20 for JungleDisk, and the high transfer costs to amazon the first months. My montly cost have now stabalized at about $7 per month. Which is cheap in my eyes for what I’m getting, a highly encrypted offsite storage of my important files. The only thing that could be better was if I could use a opensource software instead of jungledisk, that would feel better since then I wouldn’t be dependant on a company for future updates. I could then do them myself if all else failed.